What I can do for you

Website design and development

The full service starting with your ideas and ending up with a modern, functional, user friendly website.

After discussing your requirements and understanding the project, I prototype designs with a rough layout and branding and then iterate upon these designs as the project progresses. Content and functionality are then added along with any final design changes to create a high quality, polished final product.

Website development

Turn your designs into a functional, beautiful site. Whether it's napkin sketches, PSD files, or complete UI designs in software such as Figma or Adobe XD, I will take your designs and bring them to life.

I can work closely with you or your designers to create a design system of colors, typography, components, and other visual elements that will then come together to create the final product. These building blocks will ensure consistency throughout your website and allow new content to be added with ease in the future.

Website modernization

Bring your business into the present with a shiny new website and improve your brand image with a clean and modern design based on your old website.

You will benefit from a responsive, mobile-first design which works for both desktop and mobile users. More than half of all website traffic is now from mobile devices with small displays and many users will leave a site that isn't designed to work on their screen. I build in responsiveness from the start to ensure content can adjust to look fantastic on almost any size display.

Responsive rework

You already have a great website but it doesn't work well on mobile devices. Let's fix that!

Not every site will need the full modernization treatment. I can take a look at your existing codebase to determine how much work would be required and reccomend the best course of action. If your codebase is easily maintained I can rework the parts of your site that need to be made responsive.

Bring the benefits of mobile oriented design to your existing website and instantly double your user base.

App development

Have a great idea for the latest new app? I can help with that!

Many new applications don't need a full team of programmers creating different versions for each platform. Apps such as Twitter now create a single web based application which can be viewed in and installed from any modern web browser and then package that app for the Play Store. This technique gives you the best of both the open web and the Play Store meaning your application is available from anywhere at any time without needing to develop multiple versions.

Browser extensions

Make life easy for people with a browser extension. Extensions can add productivity features so users can get the most out of their browser or can compliment your existing service to keep users updated and provide quick access to most used features.

Providing a Chrome extension brings your service to the forefront of the user's browsing experience and creates opportunities for deep integration. With a single click, users can see important information and perform common actions without having to leave what they're doing.